EverGlow® FAQs

Do you have any questions? Questions about our photoluminescent safety marking are answered in the FAQ. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

We were the first manufacturer in Germany to manufacture our products on the basis of the screen resist method. Moreover, we focused on high luminance and aluminum as material right from the beginning. Today, we still have one of the most comprehensive product ranges featuring a luminance of at least 150 mcd/m².

If the electric signs are luminaires prescribed by authorities, they can only be replaced after consultation with the authority. Otherwise yes, but the different perception widths are to be observed.
Basically, yes, but the different perception widths are to be observed. If electric luminaires are prescribed by authorities, an approval by the respective authority is required.

This is dependant upon many factors. Upon complete saturation the discharge time is at least 35 hours according to DIN 67510. However, in most application cases there is a relative saturation dependant upon the on-site parameters.

The provision of three components increases the storage time by avoiding lumping of the pigments in the resin. And the user is able to mix smaller quantities according to the individual requirements.

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